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About Me

My name is Amanda Taylor. I’ve been studying metaphysics since 2005. I became so enthralled in the aspects of metaphysics that I obtained a Master’s degree in Divinity. I never finished my thesis for the doctoral degree; never felt I needed a title. I just wanted to learn about metaphysics in a structured manner. 

Even though I had this knowledge, I can’t say I’ve always walked the walk. Like Morpheus in The Matrix said, “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

For a while, I let life dictate my sense of happiness and how I walked. 

I discovered (and began to put into the practice) that if you want peace in your outer world, you have to create it in your inner world first. Everything starts within. I had to create balance and clarity within (emotionally, mentally and spiritually) before I could create the life that I desired.

I have studied and experienced so much that I feel I have to share this knowledge with others. I can impart really good nuggets of information for those who are hungry.   

I feel compelled to help you beginner and intermediate students in becoming the best version of You. I want to help you create the life they desire by starting with the principles of balancing the inner world and working your way outwards.

Let’s journey together and discover the richness of life.