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How to Express Gratitude in Rough Times

Finding the good in life isn’t always simple, especially when money is tight and you’re worried about your job or family. Worries can cloud your thinking, lower your mood, and negatively impact your general quality of life.

If you feel like you’re being followed by the ominous black cloud of bad luck, then it’s time to find something to be grateful for in your life.

Remind Yourself About What’s Going Right

If you’re plagued by negative thoughts, find a quiet place, get a pen and paper and make a list of answers to this question:

What do I have to be grateful for in my life?

Start your list with the most obvious things, your health and family. Do you have a car? A home?  A job? Clothes on your back? Food on the table?

  • You don’t have to have the fanciest or the most expensive items for you to be grateful. Even if you buy your clothes at Goodwill, at least you’re clothed and warm. A used car in good condition will get you from Point A to B just as easily as a brand new car.
  • Don’t forget to give thanks for the small things in life, such as finding the car keys when you’re in a rush or getting a hug from your partner or children. 

You might also try sitting quietly in a room and reflecting on your life and areas for improvement. Appreciating what you have now will allow you to make the adjustments you want.


There’s no denying that you’ll face difficulties in life. It’s an unavoidable truth of life! While it may be difficult to be grateful in these circumstances, it is critical to remember that good can come from difficulties. There are always lessons to learn.

If you’ve recently lost your job, for example, be grateful for the skills you possess. With your skills, experience, and expertise, you may be able to find a more satisfying job that pays more and gives you more responsibility while keeping you closer to home.

As strange as it may sound in the moment of despair, try to be grateful during difficult times because, as one door closes, another opens the way to new opportunities.

After all, you can’t find bright new possibilities in your life if you don’t experience a setback at one point or another.


Setbacks exist to push you to be a better, stronger, faster, and wiser person. The genuine measure of your attitude is to be grateful for the challenge in front of you (even if you don’t understand why it exists), then press forward, stronger than before.

Your self-confidence will increase because you know that you can handle challenges that come your way. 

Why should you be grateful in the first place? Because with each difficulty you overcome, you get the knowledge and courage necessary to succeed the next time. And you’d never learn or grow if it weren’t for each and every challenge in your life!

Being grateful everyday will help you lift that overbearing black cloud that can be so stifling. You’ll begin to realize that life is good and you can make it through anything.

Being grateful also prepares you for more good things to come.  Be grateful for what you have now and for what is in store for the future.