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Sending Love and Light to People you Care for and Those you Don’t Even Like

Are there people or situations that you would like to fill with positive energy? Have you done all you can on the physical level to make a change?

Well, there is a method called sending love and light that works on a spiritual/energetic level. It can permeate all the “stuff” and go right into the heart of things.


In my blog about the Art of Detachment, I talked about sending love and light to a co-worker at my old job and how it worked for me. 

I also did this for a family member. 

Of course, this makes it a lot easier if you genuinely feel love for a person. My family member and I had been estranged for a year. 

It broke my heart that we weren’t on speaking terms. I missed her. 

After I read about sending love and light, I immediately put it into practice. Within two weeks, that family member called me!

I was elated. This was my first experience and I have used this sending positive energy on only three occasions. Each time it worked when it seemed like nothing else helped. 


In this sense, love and light is the energy sent from one person to another. Some people use it as a parting sentiment after leaving someone’s presence; like saying have a nice day. 

It has been used as an endearing term to others as an energy exchange with loving intention.


It is an actual frequency connected to the Heart Chakra or Heart Energy Center. 

You don’t necessarily feel love for a stranger. But we can have universal love for humankind as we are one and share a connectedness with Source or God. 

We tend to have a stronger vibration of love for our friends and family. These are true vibrations at higher frequencies that can be sent to another person.


Light, in the spiritual or metaphysical sense, is energy of intention. It is an energy that has a high frequency and vibration like love. Light helps you focus and send your intentions for a specific purpose like healing or uplifting someone spiritually. 

The combination of the two is a powerful force. 


We may have friends and family members that need our encouragement or support. And we’ve done this on a physical and verbal level. Sometimes, we’ve given all the pep talks and advice that we can. 

Now, let the spiritual realm move those higher vibrations of love and light to your loved ones. 


One caveat — never picture them in the unbalanced or negative state that they are currently in. Always picture them as you wish them to be; happy, smiling, dancing — whatever it is. 

If you are sending love and light to a boss, co-worker, or someone that you don’t particularly like, just send love to the situation you want to resolve. Somehow, you have to raise the frequency coming from your heart. 


When you want to send love and light to someone, you can have quick meditation sessions; just a few minutes will do. 

This meditation is for anyone who is having a difficult or challenging relationship with anyone – family, friend, co-worker, etc. Instead of harboring the problems you are having with them, just send them Love and Light. 

When you continually send them Love and Light, the situation will work out in the best possible way. It is better to send that person positive energy instead of hate, fear, or any other negative emotion. When you send negative emotions/energy, you only inflate the current situation. 

By sending Love and Light, you are opening up to remedies to that particular situation. The results could be immediate or take a moment to resolve.

  • Picture the person that you are sending this energy to. Picture him/her in their natural settings. It could be sitting on a sofa, at their desk, anywhere that feels natural to you.
  • As you are picturing that person, visualize a ball of white light coming from above and then slowly surrounding the head and shoulders of that man/woman.
  • As the bright, white light is surrounding him/her, send “love” to that person. This could be visualizing the word Love and sending it their way. It could be feeling the love you have for that person and sending their way. Even if you don’t particularly like the person you are having difficulty with, send them the Universal Love that we all have for our fellow human beings.  
  • Hold this visualization for 5 minutes. Do this once or twice a day as needed. 

It is of great importance that after the meditation is complete that you do not think of that situation with that individual. Just go about your business. 

It’s okay to smile afterwards. 

Hold that thought and feeling for a few minutes.  

Rinse and repeat as your heart dictates. One time may do the trick or you may have to send love and light over several days or weeks. Let your intuition guide you. 


Once you have sent love and light to that person or situation, let go of trying to figure out how things will be resolved. That’s not your job. The How will take care of itself.  

You may be guided to play some part but don’t try to force it or control the outcome. 

Express gratitude throughout the day for the person or situation.  


How do you feel about sending love and light to someone you don’t particularly care for? Think of it as sending love and light to the situation; maybe that will help.

Remember to stay detached from the outcome but take cues from the Universe in case you need to do something else. 

Please let me know how things turned out if you decided to try this method of what I call spiritual intervention.